Gods Newest Angels
Babies from past three years
Silber Family Due April in FL
Cox Family Baby Boy Born FL April
Sam and Abby due Oct.
AA Baby Girl Born Feb to Shirk Family
CC Baby Girl Born Mar to Scheider Family
Mike and Elizebeth Baby Born Mar in FL
Dave and Cindy CC Baby Boy Mar in AZ
                                        Babies 2010
Foley Baby Born July
Baby Born Dow
Baby Boy Barota born Oct
Baby Walker Born Oct
Baby Havlik born April
Baby Boutilier Born Sept Crism Baby Boy Born Sept in ARK
Sinclair Baby Girl Born Sept
Lorince Baby Born July
Baby Marshall Born Aug 29th
McAfee Baby Born July
Sadler Baby Born June
Smith's Baby Born June
Vernon's Baby Girl Born Mar 2010
Karen and Matt Baby Born June
Garrison Baby Boy Born Mar 2010
Sandal's Baby Girl Born Mar 2010
Baby Boy Adkins Born Feb 2010
David and Carrie Baby Born Mar 2010
                                        Babies   from 2009
Secrest Baby Born Oct
Haughstans Baby Girl Born July !!
Allen Baby Born Nov 09
Baby Carter Born Dec 09
Tusia Baby Born Sept in FL
Phil and Brandi Oct with Baby Boy
Baby Parnell Born Nov 09
Payne's born Aug 10th Baby Girl
Baby Girl O'neal 7-09
Ritterbush Baby Born 7-5-09
Curtiss Family  Baby Sept 09
Russell's Baby Girl Born June
T Edwards Baby Born June 09
The Shannon's Baby Born April
Jessica and Chuck  K Baby Boy Born 6-30-09
The Lambs 5 mon old Twins Feb
The Reckers Baby Born Feb in NV
Kathy W Baby Born in NV May
The Coopers Baby Born May