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       Are you Considering Placing your child for Adoption?
As a birth parent, you are a very special and important person. You can decide the path for your own life and the life of another,your child.

Your Rights
Placing a child for adoption is permanent and cannot be changed. Before you make this important decision, you must talk to an assessor. An assessor is a person who has been specially trained. An assessor can be a social worker,counselor, or other adoption professional. You must speak with the Assessor at least once before you sign any adoption paperwork. The Assessor can tell you about:
Parenting your child yourself
Placing your child with relative, Temporarily or Permanently
Guardianship and Foster Care Options
Making an Adoption Plan
Adoption plan means placing your child for adoption.
An Adoption Assessor should tell you about community resources and other community resources and other information, such as
Birth parent support groups
Finacial help,both state and federal
Housing services
Employment Services
Child Care
Health Care
Nutrition Services
Legal Services

Little Bit Of Heaven Adoption can help you with these needs and would be happy to speak with you about your possible adoption plan.
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