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July 13 2011
Exp mom in ARZ is due with a Unknown Gender Baby Sept 8th in ARZ.
M is Mex/White with Brown Hair and eyes. She is 5'0 120lbs.

She is considered healthy but does have a Pulminary Stenosis one heart valve is
shroter than the other. She takes no medication for this. She has seasonal
allergies and Asthma. She has a Slight Learning Disability.

She has taken Exedrin during Pregnancy. In April she drank Wine,She smokes Cigs.
In Dec of last yr she did cocaine,in June Pot,and a drug called Spice.
She has two other children as set of twins that were born in 06. They are

There are 3 possible birthfathers. 2 are unknown and the third is someone she
works with.

Have the Social Medical for those interested.
Fee is $36,000
not including my fee.