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Let me tell you alittle about myself and Little Bit Of Heaven.
I met my husband 17yrs. ago at which time he had three teenagers, we married and raised them together. They are now adults with families of their own. We are now the proud grandparents of 9.
I worked in the health care field for 11 yrs before becoming a stay at home mom and working in Adoption for 2 yrs with an OH adoption agency.
We started thinking about adoption years ago but something seemed to always get in our way of following God's plan.
In Jan 2002 we signed with an adoption facilitator in CA. We lost thousands of dollors and learned the hard way not to trust everyone in the adoption world.By the grace of God's hand we adopted our daughter two years later in Jan 2004. She was the answer to many prayers.
In Oct 2005 we brought our sibling group home.What a blessing!!!
That is why I am choosing to help others in their search to adopt.
God has truly blessed me with a good husband, wonderful children and grandchildren.
I can not ask for any more and now it is time to help others in their dreams of adopting.
With God all things are possible!!

Our Admin Angela is also an adoptee, she was adopted by her step father. Angela is married and has one son.
We are also very lucky to have two adoptive mothers on our board.
I love to read,swim,spend time with family and friends. Most of all I live, eat and breath adoption and really love to see families created.
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